About us

Green Shields Travel is not just a business, it's a family.  We are village builders who help families and groups deepen relationships through shared, personalized travel experiences. We specialize in family vacations, retreats, birthday celebrations and reunions of all types. We also produce Annual Family Retreats that bring families together in other countries every summer. Our group trips include optional opportunities for travelers to give back to communities in need. 

Raven Green

Raven's traveling experiences started 16 years ago right after college. She love seeing and learning about different countries culture, food, art, and their beautiful views.  She also loves to travel with her friends and family to create memories that will last a life time. She believes that young children should be exposed to other cultures and places. This is why she loves traveling with her daughter, from Dominican Republic to Grand Turks to the Virgin Islands.  She hopes that Green Shields Travel can create these experiences for other families, and continue to see the world one place at a time.

Janae Shields

Janae is a "Village Builder". Janae has been traveling the world for the past 15 years tasting local food, buying local art, experiencing the culture and creating memories with my family and friends. She believes that traveling and experiencing new things together helps strengthen relationships and teaches us in new and interesting ways. She has a Master’s of Social Work Degree with a Concentration in International and Community Development from Monmouth University. Green Shields Travel is a way that she gets to combine her experiences, formal education and love of travel. From The Bronx to Barcelona and many places in between, Janae finds joy in connecting groups to new experiences and opportunities.

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